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Dragon Ball Z is very popular anime since 1990. Now it back with amazing graphics and double action in form of Dragon Ball Super. In this post, we are going to tell how to watch online and download Dragon Ball Super episode 115 English Subbed. We will also tell you how to download Super Dragon Ball episode 115 Hindi Subbed.

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Download Dragon Ball Super Episode 115

Dragon Ball Super is a Japanese television series powered by toei animation. Because of awesome action fighting scenes, SDBZ fans are increasing world-wide. Super Dragon Ball is originally broadcasted in Japanese language on Fuji TV. According to sources, broadcast date of Super Dragon Ball episode 115 is 12 November 2017.

Super dragon ball episode 115 spoilers

As title of SDBZ episode 115 says, “Goku Vs Kefla! Super Saiyan Blue Defeated?”, there are high chances that Goku being defeated. Although, Toei had tried to confuse audience by putting question mark at the end of title. But it is sure that this new warrior can not be defeated so easily.

Some fans also believe that Goku is going to use ultra instinct against kefla. But in my opinion, Goku should sit back and Kefla should fight Jiren. There are still many mysterious in universe survival arc like can Kefla knock out Jiren? Can Goku control ultra instinct? Will Vegeta fuse again with Goku to form Vegeto or Gogeta? You can share your views in comments.

Credit:- Youtube channel AnimeAjay

Dragon Ball Z super episode 115 Trailer

Episode115 is part of universe survival arc. According to spoilers and preview, in super dragon ball episode 115, kefla is going to fight Goku in Super saiyan blue form. It would be interesting to watch how Kefla manages to defeat godly kai of Goku.


Credit:- Youtube channel AresPromo.

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Download Super Dragon Ball all episodes in English and Hindi Subbed

If you was long time fan of dragon ball z but missed dragon ball z super episodes, you can still watch online or download. You can either download dragon ball super episodes hindi subbed or english subbed. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Open Google browser and search for dragon ball z super download. Search exact keyword and you will see two links of english and hindi subbed dragon ball z
    super download.
  • Click your prefer subbed language and navigate to latest episode of dragon ball z super.
  • Click on episode and download by clicking on real download link.
  • That’s it, Enjoy! Now you can watch online or download dragon ball super all episodes.

You can also take help of this quora answer :- What are some best sites to download dragon wall super episode 115? Answer by quora is here.

In this way,you can download Dragon Ball Super episode 115 English Subbed. Hope you downloaded and enjoyed dragon ball super episode 115 english subbed and hindi subbed. Keep visiting to remain updated about super dragon ball z anime series.

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